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“Those who hate lawyers have either hired the wrong one and lost, represented themselves and lost, or had such a bad case that no lawyer could win it.” ― Robert Black

It’s a dangerous world out there, full of drivers on their smartphones, aggressive dogs, and careless property owners. Unfortunately, accidents happen. When they do, they can cause severe injuries. Sometimes, the cost to treat these injuries surpasses the amount insurance will cover. If you’re suffering from an injury caused by the action or negligence of another, it’s time to talk to an attorney.

Brian E. Stevens has represented individuals who have been injured in all manner of car crashes, been injured while riding their bikes, walking in a crosswalk, slipping on ice outside a business, being bitten by a neighbor’s dog, even one client who was injured while sitting watching a movie when part of the theater’s ceiling collapsed onto some of the audience. No matter how you’ve been injured, Brian will help you understand who is responsible, if you may be entitled to compensation, and the legal path forward. And while Brian is warm and supportive with you, armed with the truth, he’s ruthless in court.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or other incident, schedule your complimentary consultation with Brian E. Stevens today.


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